Apple Releases iOS 11.4 – What’s New

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At the end of the beta array of iOS 11.4, Apple publicizes the major role for users with 64bit iPhone, iPod and iPad. iCloud Messages and AirPlay are the two promised features that even perfectly arranged behind install iOS 11.4. From now onwards, users can perform its installation using typical approaches with requirements. However, for we have gone through a clear jailbreak demonstration as well related to its capability, there are many topics to discuss. If you were confused about, here is the whole story.

What’s New With the iOS 11.4 Update?

As often, the newest chapter of the iPhone operating system got a couple of new features and performances for a better support. Promised Messages in iCloud and AirPlay 2 features are there to support you for varies functions that are related to. Moreover, the security frame as well has been improved for a better security. As the major successor after 11.3, this became the heaviest outcome of the company after a long beta array started in April.

By the way, those who desire to settle it on their iDevices capable to perform Over The Air or else iTunes set up with requirements. As the first method has some issues surrounded, the second using respective IPSW files are the recommended and the specific type even for jailbreakers. As the installation should be stable and perfect to go through, it would be better to use iTunes and apply the version.

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Jailbreak Possibilities of iOS 11.4

When we concern possibilities of jailbreak iOS 11.4, there is a brave and a remarkable demonstration behind. It is Houdini semi-jailbreak that we already grabbed a few months back. However, with the latest, Abraham Masri seems to clearly prove that the used beta of 11.4 capable to perform jailbreak and even get all jailbroken features behind. The video clip displayed the used iPad perfectly broken and supports all features behind.

However, even though we received a demo that proves the capability of jailbreaking, it is not a proper clue of an upcoming public utility. So keep it in your mind on the top not to hurry to arrange 11.4 on your iDevice. If you are with any version of iOS 11.2 and iOS 11.2.6, this remind is for you to stay tuned for CoolStar if they planned for such a publication.

Should you install iOS 11.4?

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So from now, there is no any complicated to settle 11.4 on your iDevice if you are a 64bit user. But there is one more thing to recall. If you are a dedicated jailbreaker, you will not agree with a non-jailbreak edition and even a chapter that has no further direction. In my opinion, keep in your mind that 11.4 is not a jailbroken version though got a demonstration to prove its capability. Since Electra developer Coolstar as well counseled users not to go after any higher version if they have been with iOS 11.2 to iOS 11.2.6, it may be because they have a plan to deal with those few sessions and release an update of Electra for.

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