How to Delete Cydia from iPhone?


If you feel like you are bored with what is already coming with your iPhone as with what Apple decided, you need a big change. So that is iOS jailbreak comes. The best part of jailbreaking is known as Cydia through which you are going for all the advanced changes and downloads. But what if you suddenly think of removing Cydia? This is about How to Delete Cydia from iPhone and get back in stock. So read on if you are too in that need.

how to delete cydia

Removing Cydia is a choice. But some would think that is difficult just like having a chance to install Cydia. But that is not that much difficult. And you have two ways to Delete Cydia from iPhone. Read about what they are and what is more fitting. We recommend Cydia Eraser which could give the most value of it.

How to Delete Cydia from iPhone by upgrading?

As you might have already aware, upgrading the iOS firmware is one way that drop down the possibilities you could have in jailbreaking. So even after jailbreak, upgrading the firmware is one way you can remove jailbreak from the device. so in case if you feel like removing jailbreak rights and Cydia from the device, you can simply upgrade the iOS firmware to the available latest. But the biggest disadvantage here is it takes all your rights to iOS jailbreak firmware as you are completely changing your system version to a newer. So you lose jailbreak rights too.

ios 13.1.1 jailbreak

Cydia Erase to Remove Cydia from iPhone

As upgrading makes a trouble, we then came to see another useful tool call Cydia Eraser. The tool is by Saurik and available free to download. What it does here is Deleting Cydia from the device but not changing your firmware. So there you still have chance to jailbreak and install Cydia even if you decide to remove Cydia once. So if you feel like removing Cydia, we recommend to download and use Cydia Eraser by Jay Freeman. This is really useful for all and keeps you with more jailbreak opportunities.

iOS jailbreaking and Cydia bring your iOS experience to greater levels. So do you think tools like Cydia Eraser are useful as you have chance to feel like removing Cydia after jailbreak? We like to hear from you.

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