Cydia iOS 11 – Latest jailbreak Apps and Tweaks

Now it has passed few weeks of the Mobile Security Conference, 2017 held in Shanghai, China. Yes, most of the jailbreak lovers are aware on this event to have more Cydia related updates. Yes, as you wish there was a jailbreak demo for the official 10.3.2 firmware and the upcoming iOS 11 beta. So, now it will clue us that in future some time you will be able to Cydia iOS 11 and 10.3.2. Of course, till that the Cydia world regularly updates and there were some upcoming 11th firmware features with the tweaks. So, before rolling out the chapter Cydia lovers can enjoy the features.

Cydia iOS 11

Road for Cydia iOS 11

Well, as all of us know the recent jailbreak demo is belongings to the KeenLab. Yes, they are also known as the Keen team. According to the existing details, they got success to jailbreak an iOS 11 beta running iPhone 7 and the 10.3.2 iPhone 7 and iPhone 6S. And after that they got success to run Cydia on those devices. Yes, this is the first time we have a demo for the upcoming giant 11th version and it is the first time we can see Keen Team with a Demo. And according to the existing rumors, it clues that the KeenLab will not further focus to offer a utility for Cydia iOS 11. They will focus more on mobile security related tasks. Anyhow, thanks to them now we know that the iOS 11 is a jailbreak-friendly version. So, in future, you will be able to enjoy Cydia within it.

Latest Jailbreak Apps and Tweaks

Well, while hoping for an upcoming jailbreak utility to reach for Cydia iOS 11, you can enjoy the jailbreak privilege with existing Yalu 10.2 and Extra_Recipe+YaluX jailbreak tool. Of course, if you have already jailbroken your iDevice, then you can enjoy the latest CVydia apps and tweaks to feel fresh with your device. OK, then go through this list.


this will combine your jailbroken iPhone and the Phillips HUI smart light together to and create new color effects based on the tasks you perform with the device in a given time. Of course, it comes with music Mode and Screen mode. Of course, both differ and you need to pay $0.99 to have this with you.

Cydia iOS 11


Auto SilentMe

If you have set the events on your calendar then within this free tweak automatically silent the incoming notifications. So, this will helpful for your day to day life events like Business meetings, lectures, and the other events.

CCSmooth 10

Within this Cydia tweak you will be able to change the whole appearance of your control center and customize it as the way you wish. Yes, after installing the tweak it will add a preference pane in the setting app.

Cydia iOS 11


Within this tweak, you will be able to manually use the emojis based on your selection. With the tweak, you won’t change the “frequently used” header in the Emoji selector.

QuietWhilePlaying (iOS 10)

Yeah, it was a headache that the notifications sounds interrupt while you are listening to music with the iDevice. Yes, thanks to this new free jailbreak tweak now you can have the notification banner and react it without its sound.

Cydia iOS 11

TimeMover Lite

Within this free tweak, you will be able to change the lock screen clock. The tweak is not a new concept it is available earlier but this is the free tweak in relations to it.

Wind Up

To enjoy more other apps and tweaks go through the Cydia world and enjoy them with your device. Further, if you wish to know more Cydia related stuff you can stay tuned with us.

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