Guide to download Cydia on iOS 14

We are glad to let you know that we got to know something interesting about Cydia for iOS 14. It is been a couple of days since the initial release of iOS 14. As promised, Apple held WWDC as an online-only event because of the pandemic. For the first time in the history, Checkera1n member Dany Lisiansky publicizes a screenshot to describe the possibility of download Cydia on iOS 14. Moreover, Lisiansky clarified that this should go further to turn it into a perfect application and even to confirm the compatibility. And now, it is Sam Bingner from the same team with a screenshot of Cydia package manager to confirm a few further things.

cydia on ios 14

How to download Cydia on iOS 14?

According to the Twitter note of the researcher, at this time, it turned a little advanced than previously. It seems Cydia has been enhanced as a package manager. So the new version is 1.1.36. And this completely supports iOS 14 beta.

Since Cydia is the place where we all wish to reach by jailbreaking, it great knows that iOS 14 too can jailbreak using Checkra1n. Though far from the only package manager, it is the kit and that can bring on jailbroken devices as a pre-installed package manager. According to clarifications of experts, alternatives such as Sileo, Installer and Zebra too will be able to bring on iOS 14.

Release date of Checkra1n for iOS 14

Since it is just the beta of iOS 14, we have to stay a few further months to welcome the jailbreak tool as a public offer. But the Checkra1n team did not unveil a certain date that they are going to release the tool. It is better to stay calm by simply check each beta release of the version for hackers to work and release the utility on time.

Wrapping up

Although many sources predicted that jailbreak may not that easy to reach because of the high-security features of iOS 14, it is great having confirmations of approaching releases thanks to Checkra1n. So we hopefully remain till October to know is Checkra1n will release another perfect jailbreak tool to go through iOS 14. At this instant, it is the beta session of iOS 14. Thus, we cannot predict anything without reliable details. We are not sure about Unc0ver and further jailbreak releases for there is no such clue. Stay tuned for further reliable details.

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