A new concept for a Safari-based jailbreak iOS 12.0.1 support

After many discussions of jailbreakers regarding the recent Unc0ver breakout, we got another interesting point to unveil. It seems we will be able to turn the old chapter regarding JailbreakMe thanks to Sem Voigtlander and his dedicated team. However, this story is about jailbreak iOS 12.0.1 since the expected utility confirmed that it capable to break all those stations unto 4.0 which is an older one. If you too were there for an update from hackers check this out as the recent. This may be a new episode in this journey.

jailbreak ios 12.0.1

Sem Voigtlander with jailbreak iOS 12.0.1

As we noted above, the indicated utility concept was brought by Sem Voigtlander a couple of days ago. With him, there are many famed dealers in the jailbreak community such as CoolStar, Jonathan Levin, Pangu, Comex, Luca Todesco, Ian Beer, Tihmstar and Niklas Baumsterk. Therefore, there is no any doubt of their great deal that going to offer us within a couple of days. In accordance with specifics that Sem unveiled, though the utility is in progress, it has more to go to the end with a complete tool. Since such a JailbreakMe style breakout going to come to the audience after a long, be ready to welcome it warmly.

What are the features of jailbreak iOS 12.0.1?

The first thing that we want you to note is that the expected breakout capable to expand over iOS 4.0 unto iOS 12.0.1. Therefore, while we are in a serious session, it is glad to hear at least we will be able to reach a breakout that based on jailbreakMe method. Anyhow, it is glad to remind that it will be a Safari-based application.

However, to check out the graphical user interface, you can navigate to “captive.apple.com” web page through the Safari browser. But before that, you have to set the DNS to manual via Wi-Fi settings of the device. And enter as the DNS number and save it.

jailbreak ios 12.0.1

Should I upgrade?

At this instant, upgrade or downgrade to a new chapter is a serious decision. Therefore, make certain your movement rather than go through critical conditions. If you are with Electra or Unc0ver capabilities, the best thing is to endure and skip to the latest ones just after the application will confirm. Until then, count the same. But if you are with 12.1 or higher, it would be better to reach 12.0.1 back as it is the most decisive station according to current points.

Final words

You might feel it is not that much worthy to check out since the result will take longer to come to the spectators. But for desktop based applications as well seem to remain far devoid of any certain clue, it is good to keep our eyes with this as well to welcome the breakout on time. By the way, do not hurry to collect all its features and movements right away. Let’s keep our eyes with hackers to get to know which will be the first breakout between desktop based or Safari-based.

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