iOS 13.3 jailbreak and Checkra1n Jailbreak


iOS 13.3 is the latest signing firmware for iOS devices no which is at the same time latest jailbreakable firmware for all. Thanks to the updated tool version by checkra1n, iOS 13.3 jailbreak is now with complete rights. But the tool cehckar1n still appears in beta and confirmed under progress. So this is the latest update note to jailbreak and Cydia with the latest tool checkra1n.

iOS 13.2.3 jailbreak

Checkra1n jailbreak v0.9.7

Although in beta, Checkra1n has been receiving updates regularly bringing some of the essential changes and improvements. So the latest news here is checkra1n v0.9.7 through which some important alterations and fixes are given. And for the most important thing, here checkra1n latest version brings support for iOS 13.3 jailbreak. So the tool now support from iOS 12.3 to upper up to the latest to have checkra1n bootrom-exploit based jailbreak. But remember it still supports through A5-A11 devices as the exploit impacts on that device range but no other. So it only supports through iPhone X jailbreak at the moment leaving all the latest models aside for a little.

Sileo package manager supports Checkra1n

iOS 13.3 jailbreak

It is not a secret that checkra1n supported with Cydia download. But as with the recent update we found Sileo team saying that they are working for an update to make Sileo compatible for checkra1n jailbreak. Taking no longer from the announcement, we are now confirmed Sileo package manager for checkra1n jailbreak. It simply requires to add a custom repository on Cydia after checkra1n jailbreak to install Sileo. But if you like to wait until Sileo is added through checkra1n loader, you may take more time as some say it is not so fine to have Sileo through the repo.

iOS 13.3 Jailbreak with Checkra1n

As to the latest Checkra1n v0.9.7, you now have iOS 13.3 jailbreak rights through checkra1n tool. The tool runs in the same semi-tethered frame with support to Cydia as the package manager. It still comes in Mac-only support frame while the team confirms upcoming compatibility through windows PC and Linux. So if you like to take a look through the latest checkra1n jailbreak tool, you can run it from a secondary device even at beta. But start with a backup and for more safety use a secondary device. At the same time be alert on all the updates as the team checkra1n keeps upgrading the tool making it more competent and improved.


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