How to add BigBoss repo on Cydia?

When a device becomes jailbroken, Cydia or Sileo will be there right away to let the user to go through all those amazing and interesting jailbreak features. Once Cydia will set in your system, it is BigBoss repository as one of the essential repos that you will surely look forward to having. Since you have to arrange it there separately, we are going to give you a clear guide on how to add BigBoss Repo on Cydia? It is not complicated. There are few steps to follow and you will end as another proud member of BigBoss repo. Here we go.

Add BigBoss Repo on Cydia

You might confuse why we arrange the BigBoss repository when it is already there. Of course, it is one of the repos that come along with Cydia. But sometimes because of accidental cases, you will no longer be able to find out it there. But still, you have the chance to add it as follow. Before that, remember that BigBoss repo is one of the essential arrangements for jailbroken devices. If you are new to the jailbreak world, then you must miss not miss this at all? It is because BigBoss contains many essential things for you to add easily that will make you easier as a jailbreaker.

How to add?

First of all, make sure that your current status is jailbroken

Go to the Cydia app store and launch it

Check the bottom line of the device and select “More Package Sources”

The sources list will open in a new window

So you can search BigBoss repository there

The warning alert will open to remind you that repositories you are going to add should be at your own risk

Select BigBoss from the list and continue

The repository will install there right away

Add BigBoss Repo when it is not on the list?

bigboss repo

Arrange BigBoss when it is not on the list is quite simple.

Open Cydia app store right away and select Sources option there

And then select Edit > Add options respectively

There you have to enter in the URL box

Make sure that the URL is accurate. If it is wrong, the entire arrangement will fail

Finally select “Add Source” option there

Cydia will download and arrange the repo for you


If you are a user of Sileo which popular as the only true alternative to Cydia, you too can install BigBoss repo there following respective steps.

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