Apple Releases iOS 11.3 with Battery Management, New Animoji & More Features

iOS 11.3 download

The latest iOS 11.3 version has been released with fixing several bug issues and improvements to enhance the user experience. There were multiple minor versions divulged but none could able to offer a fully comprehensive OS platform. That is why the Apple developers tried to update the 11th iteration to the latest iOS 11.3. Opportunely the latest major version does not remove any inbuilt feature. Hence you are able to gain a number of facilities with iOS 11.3 download.

According to latest releases of iOS iteration, the 11.2.5th version included a patch for Spectre Vulnerability and the latest 11.3rd edition also came with the same platform. Considering the latest features, it holds an improved feasibility of Siri assistant program to read the news in US, UK and Australia regions. iOS 11.3 shares your Apple ID with Apple music, Siri and also with Wifi settings. There are more other upgrades and improvements bundled with the latest major version. Get engaged with iOS 11.3 download to gain more powerful user experience on your latest iPhone, iPad or on your iPod touch device.

How to iOS 11.3 Download

Officially there are two different methods to install the latest iOS version. The first one is the easiest way that using the OTA method. The second is still the recommended one that using the iTunes application. If you need to install Cydia app store someday it is required to update the device firmware using iTunes. Let’s take a deep dive into the mechanism of each manner from now on.

Update with OTA

This is the simplest method of updating the system. You have to connect the smart device to an established Wifi network. Follow the exposed instructions to install the latest update on your device.

  • Connect the smart device to Wifi network. The downloading speed may depend on the bandwidth of the ISP.
  • Go to Settings >> General >> Software Update and wait a moment until it completes the checking status.
  • In the end, the OS will display that the currently possible update as the iOS 11.3.
  • Tap “Download and Install” button to continue further.
  • This may cause to ask the passcode of your own mobile.
  • Enter the passcode and then tap OK.
  • Then the device may reboot automatically.
  • Once started, navigate to the Software Update using the aforesaid steps and check whether the OS has been updated.

How to use iTunes for updating

This procedure requires a Windows, Mac or Linux platformed personal computer to perform actions. First of all, install the latest iTunes application on your computer. Follow the following guidelines to safely install the possible update on your smartphone or the tablet PC.


  • A Windows, Mac or Linux personal comuter.
  • Updated iTunes application installation.
  • Take a complete backup of personal content.
  • Turn off the Passcode, Face ID, and the Finger Print security until the update process completed.
  • A highspeed internet connection to download updates in a short time.
  • A recommended USB lightning cable.
  • Maintain enough battery level.

How to perform

  • After gathering all the required items, connect your iDevice to the computer.
  • It may automatically execute the iTunes, if not run iTunes application manually.
  • Go to Summary after clicking on the device icon inside the application.
  • Click on “Check for Updates” button.
  • This may take a moment to detect the available iOS version.
  • After displaying the possible download as the iOS 11 click on “Download and Update” to continue.
  • If you have disabled security options correctly the iTunes will send a notification to agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Accepting this will reboot the iDevice instantly.
  • At the end of updating the device may restart.
  • Go to the summary area again on iTunes and it will display the iOS 11.3 as the currently running operating system on your mobile.

Wrapping Up

This is the optimal version of the latest unleased iOS 11th iteration because of multiple improvements and other benefits. You can enjoy with a number of latest added features in a bug-free interface. Engage in the most suitable updating mechanism from the above instructions. iOS 11.3 download might be the turning point of the 11th iteration due to inbuilt features and facilities.

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