Complete guide to install iOS and iPadOS 14

As we all know, it is iOS 14 that we are going to welcome within a few months as the iPhone OS of the year. According to reports that clarified the OS, all iPhone, iPod and iPad that passed iOS 13 can go through the approaching iOS 14 as well. Unlike a few years back, we have to talk about iPadOS 14 as well. However, though the initial developer beta launched to the audience during WWDC, it will take a few further months to turn into a complete public chapter. So this narration will be interesting if you wish to download iOS 14 developer beta on your iPhone.

ios 14

Guide to download iOS 14

First of all, make sure if your device compatible with iOS 14. Remember that every single detail that we are going to clarify can relate to iPadOS 14 as well. However, for this is going to record as one of the biggest operating systems to the array. Install iOS 14 developer beta can only accomplish if you are a registered Apple Developer. Or if you wish to become a member just pay $99. You will have to use the Apple ID during the process. If you are not a paid Apple Developer member, you cannot go through this process. Stay there for the next public release, and that will address the gather as soon as possible.

Install iOS 14 developer beta

  • You have to use the Safari browser and search
  • Use your Apple ID logins to sign in
  • Select Operating systems and Install Profile options
  • A message about download the configuration profile will display. Allow it and continue
  • When the download is complete, another message will display to confirm the completion. Close it and go to the next step
  • Simply open the Settings app and then go to General > Profile or just got to Profile Downloaded from the Settings app
  • And then simply turn to iOS 14 beta Software profile
  • Select the install button at the top corner
  • And then confirm the installation with a tap on the install button once more
  • A message saying that the device should restart will be there. Command to Restart and continue
  • Simply turn to Settings > General > Software Update
  • Stay there a few minutes until the update will display. And then you can select Download and Install
  • The software will smoothly install
  • Use Continue and the Apple ID password to move the process                                                                

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