Will Cydia iOS 11.3 Become a Reality?

Cydia iOS 11.3

After releasing iOS 11.3 official major iOS update, Apple started the beta testing on the upcoming 11.4 major update. Currently; you need not have the danger of dealing with the second developer beta of 11.4 as relatively stable public beta 2 is available for all public testers. The key objective of this narration is just having a keen look at the Cydia iOS 11.3 possibility depending on the current situation. If you really love to grab all the updated facts regarding what happened during last few days, just dig into the following description as it has described everything in detailed.

Current Possibilities of Cydia iOS 11.3

Why are you guys looking for Cydia iOS 11.3? The utmost reason for transforming your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch into a massively customizable device. The truth behind Cydia iOS free download is that there is no way to get Cydia download without having the jailbreak access to your iDevice.  Actually, Cydia can be known as an application store for a jailbroken iDevice.

Have you ever thought why Cydia has become so much popular? There are a lot of reasons for the enhanced popularity of this awesome application store. Basically; it consists of a huge load of mind-blowing applications, jailbreak tweaks, games, mods, ringtones, wallpapers etc. Majority of these applications are available for free and a lesser number requires to be purchased.

Future of Download Cydia for iOS 11.3

As we mentioned in the above introductory paragraph, there is no any solution except jailbreak iOS 11.3 in order to experience the download Cydia iOS 11.3  touch on your iDevice which is now on V 11.3. Though still, we could not find any jailbreak tool for the recently fixed 11.3 edition, there is a possibility on this chapter.

Have you ever heard the name, “Min Zheng”? Min Zheng is a popular character who is a devoted member of the Alibaba security researching team. Recently; he has discovered 0day bug on the V 11.3. This bug has the potential of being the basement for an 11.3 jailbreak utility.

But, we cannot expect a cracking tool from the famous security researcher, Min Zheng as he usually does not involve the development of public jailbreak tools. Furthermore; Abraham Masri has announced that he has revealed the 0day bug in security daemon of 11.3 beta versions. Anyway; we need not worry about anything as any developer can develop a cracking tool depending on the 0day bug.

What’s new on iOS 11.4 public beta 2?

The first beta testing of 11.4 chapter was launched around two weeks of time. Now; we can have the 2nd developer beta as well as the 2nd public beta of V 11.4.

We all know that you guys are really impatient in knowing what’s new on this new release. Just like in the former beta phase, the Company has added support for the AirPlay 2. Furthermore; you can enjoy the feature, Messages in iCloud just as in the 1st beta release. We are in hope that the 11.4 will be such an enhanced OS update after undergoing all these fixes.

iOS 11.4 Beta Download

The Bottom Line

It seems to be that the iOS security developers are really busy with the eleventh firmware as the Apple Inc. tries to make it jailbreak-proof as much as possible by performing a number of fixes through current minor OS updates. The main target is making download Cydia somehow on this firmware. Even though Apple tries a lot to cover almost all of the loopholes on security barrier of the 11th firmware, it is proven that still there are loopholes in the latest firmware.

Do not forget that we are close to the next WWDC or the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2018. In accordance to the official news, WWDC 2018 will be held San Jose from 4th Monday in June to 8th Friday in June. The Company might release the 12th firmware probably there. But, keep in your mind thoroughly that there is a huge possibility of becoming the Cydia iOS 11.3 a reality soon according to the on-going jailbreak attempts.

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