Unc0ver Jailbreak iOS 11.4 with perfect Cydia support

It was a couple of days that we received the all-new breakout call Unc0ver. The utility capable to break almost all iDevices running iOS 11.0 to iOS 11.4 beta 3. So this is the most awaited breakout with the approval of Jay Freeman to add Cydia after a long. So there is no doubt that it is the most excellent utility we captured after a long. So here is how you can go through Uncover jailbreak iOS 11.4. Though Electra was there with a few similar features, this would be better to collect because of its significant support. Even you went through Electra, you can escape from it using a utility that supports unjailbreak and reset with this. Are you ready?

unc0ver jailbreak

Recent jailbreak updates

Though we noted this utility as the hottest release of the jailbreak community, there are some other unveils as well but that cannot apply for the certain version range. So Electra is the other application that too became one of trending breakouts during the last couple of days. But Unc0ver is far from that because of its heavy workability and far touched capabilities. Although LiberiOS as well was there, it was not much discussed since it could not reach Cydia possibilities. Therefore, the best was Electra though it just holds a third-party resource. But now, things have been changed. Just check out its smoothness and performance that will change entirely.

More about Unc0ver jailbreak iOS 11.4

This is an open source application available for users to simply become jailbroken with more stable uses. So Cydia download as well an approved suggestion, unlike Electra that used a third-party resource. As usual, this too known as a semi-untethered breakout. Therefore, we have to use Cydia impactor as well in order to sideload the utility to generate the specific jailbreak app. The application will load once you set the certain IPA file to the impactor. You can collect further details about the procedure during our complete step guide. Though we highlighted 11.4, it is just up to beta 3 of 11.4 unto iOS 11.0. If you are lucky and have one of those, it is your turn to become a jailbreaker.


All devices running iOS 11 to iOS 11.4 beta 3 capable to jailbreak using Unc0ver. The computer you will compile does not matter being a Windows or Mac OS X as Cydia impactor works with both. When you download the Impactor package, it should be the latest version. And even remember to request it from the official hub of Saurik.

The complete guide to Unc0ver jailbreak iOS 11.4

unc0ver jailbreak

  • You should ready to download the latest version of tool Unc0ver. For that, you have to navigate to the GitHub page of Pwn20wnd
  • And then prepare Cydia impactor on your PC or Mac
  • You have to launch it to commence the process
  • Then use a lighting cable or a USB cable to connect the iPhone or iPad to the computer. If it is a lighting cable, make certain that it has been certified by MFI

Important: The device must identify by the computer once you connect it. If not, go through the pop-up message and Trust

  • Now you should drag and drop the specific IPA package to Cydia impactor interface
  • To continue the next step, enter your Apple ID username and password to respective places
  • So the tool will then begin the side-load procedure to bring you the certain application
  • And then just go to Settings of the device and General panel. From there you can turn to Profiles & Device Management. There you can Trust each part and continue

Important: Here the user must turn on Airplane Mode and also disable Touch ID/Passcode and Siri. So then reboot the device. Although these are not required ones, they will let the utility move smoothly and in a stable manner for a successful end up.

  • Navigate to Home screen and find out the Unc0ver jailbreak app. Launch it and open the user interface
  • So click on the separate jailbreak button available in blue color
  • After the procedure, the iDevice should respring
  • During the operation, the tool will apply Cydia app store to the device system and also the certain app icon on your Home screen

Troubleshooting tips

  • Sometimes, the procedure will not be able to bring you Cydia for the first time. So you have to go through it a few times. So before you apply, reboot the device and launch the jailbreak app. And then tap the jailbreak button again
  • If the jailbreak app installation procedure seems to lag, then you must make sure that you gone through those additional steps we noted above. There you have to empower AirPlane Mode and put out of action if there is any security feature that activated
  • Remind that Cydia impactor should be download from the official host. And it should be the latest. If you already have the application on your machine, make sure it is the recent update. If not, reset it right away

How to install Unc0ver without a PC?

So this is going to be another method that users can easily become jailbroken through. Since the above approach required a computer, this will let you set up the app completely without a machine. Since the utility has been updated with several updates, there are trending uses that capable to make our movements easy. This is something similar and will let us become jailbroken simply. This would be a relief for those fellows who fed up for often sideload methods behind Cydia impactor. Of course, it is completely free from use computer and such things.

The procedure

unc0ver jailbreak

  • You should check out the official Ignition Twitter and make certain that the latest version of the tool is available
  • And then launch Safari and enter https://www.ignition.fun/ and search
  • So the splash screen will display within a few minutes
  • Close advertisements if will display
  • And then tap on the unc0ver suggestion
  • Now you can tap the orange color button in front of Unc0ver app icon
  • And then, you have to click the “Install” button to confirm the installation of the Unc0ver app on the pop-up text
  • Within a few minutes, the app will set on the Home screen
  • And then you can trust the installation by navigating to Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management > App profile
  • Now you can click on the Trust key available in blue. You have to move on twice by trusting the pop-up
  • Once trusting process will end you can move on with instructions that display on your screen
  • In simple, you can launch the app and click on the jailbreak button. The operation will take few minutes and end by setting Cydia on the Home screen

That’s it. So if you will face troubles, check out the same troubleshooting tips that we noted above. Once you become jailbroken, you can start using Cydia app store. You can even bring those features of iOS 12.0 on your iOS 11.4 or earlier device thanks to Cydia tweaks, themes and so on. Customize the entire system without any complicated. Since you encounter the most excellent jailbreak app that released ever, there is nothing to complain. If something goes wrong, make sure that you did not miss requirements.

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