What Chances do we have on iOS 11.3 Jailbreak and Cydia?

iOS 11.3 jailbreak

Apple’s new mobile operating system versions are getting developed gradually and steadily. We are at a time that iOS hackers and researchers are trying to discover the exploits in iOS to make new jailbreak toolkits for the general iDevice users. So in this situation, Apple releases the new iOS updates with doubled security to prevent jailbreakers getting closer to the system files. Even though iOS 11.3 is not released yet, there are plenty of Apple mobile device users hunts for clues on jailbreaking. What chances do we have on iOS 11.3 jailbreak? If you want to know the positive points, stay with us until the end of this article.

Available Jailbreak Toolkits for iOS 11

iOS 11 jailbreak is already a possible mechanism with the help of LiberiOS, C0f3, To.Panga and Electra jailbreak. Nowadays, these are the working tools for iOS 11 jailbreak but all these tools are not stable as we think. So, the most recommended jailbreak toolkit for iOS 11 is Electra jailbreak. This because CoolStar who is the creator officially released Electra jailbreak to the regular iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users. Also, note that Cydia was only a word before the official release of Electra because Cydia did not support the 11th iteration. CoolStar used an alternative Substrate in Electra and now the jailbreak community is allowed to use Cydia installer in 11th software version.

iOS 11.3 Jailbreak Status

Can we jailbreak iOS 11.3 ? If you’re looking for an answer to this question, then we’re truly sorry. At the moment, we’re unable to jailbreak all the versions starting from iOS 11.2. The reason is Electra and all other jailbreak tools which we mentioned earlier only support with iOS 11.0 – 11.1.2. These jailbreaks mainly based on the tfp0 exploit, discovered by the iOS security researcher Ian Beer. Unluckily, the exploit has been patched in 11.2 version so, it is impossible to get done iOS 11.3 jailbreak using the Electra jailbreak.

Alibaba Pandora Lab on iOS 11.2.1 Jailbreak

pandora jailbreak

A group of researchers in Alibaba Pandora Lab has successfully jailbroken iPhone X on iOS 11.2.1. They have demonstrated Cydia iOS 11.2 in iPhone X device and they confirmed that it is an untethered jailbreak which is more stable than Electra. Unfortunately, they won’t publish the jailbreak tool with the public iPhone, iPad, iPod touch users.

Will Hackers be able to make iOS 11.3 Jailbreak?

The latest jailbreak news shows that the iOS Developer Russ Cox has found another kernel exploit in iOS 11. And he is willing to release it to the public. But the exploit has already been patched in iOS 11.2.5. So if the hackers make a new jailbreak using this exploit, it would work on iOS 11.2 to 11.2.5. Since it’s been patched iOS 11.3 jailbreak will not be easy to reach.


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