Cydia impactor error 81- How to Fix?


Cydia impactor is the tool which allowing iOS users to install any third-party app including those are not allowed by Apple app store. So in case if you have met Cydia impactor error 81 when trying to install any IPA file to the device, this is about how to fix it in orderly.

cydia impactor error 81

Cydia impactor error 81

Cydia impactor receives updates regularly maintaining functions and fixing a number of issues from the tool side. So one most popular issue is Cydia impactor error 81, for which has fixes recognized now to completely wipe away the interruption. This has found an error when you try to install an IPA like “Yalu jailbreak”, “Unc0ver” and similar. But do not worry, as it has more than s single fix to help with this.

How to fix Cydia impactor error 81?

As stated, there are several ways you can fix the issue Cydia impactor provision.cpp:81. So let us see how useful they are.

Method 1: Cydia impactor update

Specifically targeting this issue, we got the Cydia impactor update in v0.9.40. So in case if you are still on any older Cydia impactor tool version, you can simply upgrade the tool to the latest and try installing IPA files.

Method 2: Cancel certificate

  • Go to Cydia impactor tool interface
  • Continue with Xcode menu and choose Revoke certificates
  • As required, put the Apple ID and the password respectively
  • With that Cydia impactor will revoke the certificate. So then, try installing the required IPA once again. It would probably work by now.

Method 3: Install package support

  • Launch Cydia impactor from the machine
  • Go to device menu and continue with “install package” option
  • From there you can browse and pick the correct IPA file that you wish to install
  • Method 4: Make a new Apple ID account

In case if you still found this trouble, you can create a new Apple ID. And then try once more with the new Apple ID as it brings up a new signing certificate.

These are some useful and working ways for the Cydia impactor error 81. So hope you will get saved successfully here from the issue and be able to experience IPA file installation with no interruption. But in case if you have a different story to tell, we are open here in the comments. Write us anything about your time with Cydia impactor error 81.

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