How to fix Cydia Impactor error?

In this post, you can get to know how to resolve issues that bother you behind Cydia Impactor and how to use it properly. Since Cydia Impactor became one of the remarkable applications for iPhone and iPad users, we must narrate this for those who dearly love it. You can install any IPA based application on your iPhone or iPad simply using this tool. However, this is about how you can resolve errors and issues that you will face to simply switch and go through without any trouble. Let’s see what is Cydia impactor error and how resolve?

cydia impactor error

Resolve Cydia impactor error

Let’s go through a few common errors of Cydia Impactor and resolve it. There may be some more that you should find out proper solutions.

Provision.cpp:150 Error

This error will appear when you enter your Apple ID logins after drag and drop the IPA file there. It may hint that the password you entered is incorrect or you should use an app-specific password. Use the following steps to fix it.

  • Go to your PC or Mac and enter
  • Enter your Apple ID logins
  • Go through Security an Edit options respectively
  • And then find out App-Specific Passwords
  • Select Generate Password option and continue
  • Type a certain text and do not forget it
  • Select Create option
  • Now you have been arranged a new password. Use it and go through Impactor

Provision.cpp:62 or 68 Errors

These are not complicated and you can easily ignore by go through the Impactor tool once the developer gateway is running correctly. So make sure that you know the time of the developer portal is there to use Cydia Impactor.

Provision.cpp:42 Error

This will be there to let you know that the system version is lower than the specified or to tell you that the signature of the code could not verify. Try out following to escape from.

Extract the IPA file that you wish to sideload is important. And then you can drag and drop it to the Cydia Impactor

If you can use a VPN, it will help you to hide your location

Jailbreak is the final and the most serious solution that we can suggest to you. It gives you the freedom to install any kind of app even without the support of a third-party application like Cydia Impactor

Provision.cpp:51 Error

This is an error that wants to remind you that you have to upgrade your current iOS version in order to become a compatible user of the certain IPA file that you wish to sideload. 

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