Cydia impactor error 81- How to Fix?


Cydia impactor is the tool which allowing iOS users to install any third-party app including those are not allowed by Apple app store. So in case if you have met Cydia impactor error 81 when trying to install any IPA file to the device, this is about how to fix it in orderly.

cydia impactor error 81

Cydia impactor error 81

Cydia impactor receives updates regularly maintaining functions and fixing a number of issues from the tool side. So one most popular issue is Cydia impactor error 81, for which has fixes recognized now to completely wipe away the interruption. This has found an error when you try to install an IPA like “Yalu jailbreak”, “Unc0ver” and similar. But do not worry, as it has more than s single fix to help with this.

How to fix Cydia impactor error 81?

As stated, there are several ways you can fix the issue Cydia impactor provision.cpp:81. So let us see how useful they are.

Method 1: Cydia impactor update

Specifically targeting this issue, we got the Cydia impactor update in v0.9.40. So in case if you are still on any older Cydia impactor tool version, you can simply upgrade the tool to the latest and try installing IPA files.

Method 2: Cancel certificate

  • Go to Cydia impactor tool interface
  • Continue with Xcode menu and choose Revoke certificates
  • As required, put the Apple ID and the password respectively
  • With that Cydia impactor will revoke the certificate. So then, try installing the required IPA once again. It would probably work by now.

Method 3: Install package support

  • Launch Cydia impactor from the machine
  • Go to device menu and continue with “install package” option
  • From there you can browse and pick the correct IPA file that you wish to install
  • Method 4: Make a new Apple ID account

In case if you still found this trouble, you can create a new Apple ID. And then try once more with the new Apple ID as it brings up a new signing certificate.

These are some useful and working ways for the Cydia impactor error 81. So hope you will get saved successfully here from the issue and be able to experience IPA file installation with no interruption. But in case if you have a different story to tell, we are open here in the comments. Write us anything about your time with Cydia impactor error 81.

The list of new Cydia tweaks

We are with another interesting story about new Cydia tweaks. If you are with the Checkra1n tool for iOS 13.0 or else any other jailbreak tool, then Cydia should be there for you with tons of themes, games and tweaks. Thanks to dedicated jailbreakers, we could proudly step forward up to iOS 13.3. And we are excited to see their next step as well. At this moment, we have nothing to confirm about an upcoming jailbreak release. But there is no doubt that they will not stop jailbreak journey from here. However, here is everything about all-new tweaks.

new cydia tweaks

New Cydia tweaks for iOS 13

Some of the recently released tweaks cannot use on your iDevice when you are with an older iPhone or iPad for some compatibility reasons. So you have to make sure that the feature you wish to apply using a tweak is compatible with you. If you are a new jailbreak user, then there is more to go through than simply stand to surround tricky movements. However, if you are ith iOS 13.3 or earlier, this is especially for you.

New Cydia tweaks

Here is the list of all-new jailbreak apps that developers suggested during the last couple of days. Make sure you did not miss any single of them. Here we go.

Dots 2

OneHandWizard 2


Quanta (iOS 13)


Springtomize 5




Facebook NO ADS

Goose Name Tag





IG Experiments Bundle



JBPwn WhatsApp


LINE Extension



OneHandWizard 2


Phone Color

Pokémon center charging sound











Aerial 2


Appaze 2


Appaze 2

2Dock (iOS13)

Color System

Himiko 13

JBPwn: Maybank

Prysm Beta 1

Gympass JB Bypass

YouTube Music Reborn

YouTube Reborn

Boxy 4 (iOS 13)

Magma Evo

Installer 5

IntelligentPass 3






4×3 Folders

cydia tweaks

Wrapping up

By the way, there are so many Cydia tweaks that recently updated to the store. If you wish to grab those new arrangements with those features you wish to arrange on your iDevice, you should stay closer to those repositories. No matter you are with Sileo. Of course, you too can play with those newly launched tweaks. Since it is been a few weeks from the release of Checkra1n, we are anxious to see what will be the next jailbreak release. We call you too to stay tuned.

Clash of clans Cydia Hack- Complete Guide


Clash of Clans Cydia Hack is one way you could get benefited from unlimited resources making your entire experience tremendous. It will leave you with the resources like gem, gold, and elixir where as you can advance and upgrade in-game features on your own for totally free. So it saves you from all troubles of purchasing and troubling. Here to use Clash of Clans Cydia hack, you should first take rights to jailbreak and Cydia where you then add the right repository in Cydia to install the hacked version of Clash of Clans to enter the unlimited experience.

clash of clan cydia hack

Jailbreaking iOS for Cydia Download

iOS jailbreak is the only way you could Download Cydia originally. So if you want to get Clash of clans Cydia hack, you should first get your jailbreak successfully. So make sure you pick the right jailbreak too here to enter to Cydia privileges. For now, you have jailbreak iOS 13.3 latest too thanks to both Checkra1n and Unc0ver updates. And as with the latest demonstrations, we would probably get another update to jailbreak and Cydia soon under Chimera as we are already proven the possibilities.

How to get Clash of clans Cydia Hack?

  • Step 1: Go to Cydia on your iOS device and tap “Manage” at the bottom of your screen, and continue with “Sources”
  • Step 2: Hit “Edit” at the top and go to “Add”. A small message box will display on-screen prompting you to enter a Cydia URL
  • Step 3: Continue with “” into the box and continue to “Add Source.” (This is the repo source that comes providing you Clash of Clans hack. Once you add the source Cydia will download all available data for the respective source. So it would take several minutes to complete)
  • Step 4: Tap XModGame repo when it comes in the sources list
  • Step 5: Search for “XModGames” and select this app when it displayed. This app comes with a number of hacked versions of various games together with Clash of Clans
  • Step 6: Follow the instructions and install the app
  • Step 7: Now locate “clash of clans” within the app to get the hacked version of clash of clans game to experience with unlimited features and play

This will take you to the game where you can enter with the menu of resources or hacks to get on the game session. That simply what you need doing. So enjoy Clash of Clans like never before.

How to add BigBoss repo on Cydia?

When a device becomes jailbroken, Cydia or Sileo will be there right away to let the user to go through all those amazing and interesting jailbreak features. Once Cydia will set in your system, it is BigBoss repository as one of the essential repos that you will surely look forward to having. Since you have to arrange it there separately, we are going to give you a clear guide on how to add BigBoss Repo on Cydia? It is not complicated. There are few steps to follow and you will end as another proud member of BigBoss repo. Here we go.

Add BigBoss Repo on Cydia

You might confuse why we arrange the BigBoss repository when it is already there. Of course, it is one of the repos that come along with Cydia. But sometimes because of accidental cases, you will no longer be able to find out it there. But still, you have the chance to add it as follow. Before that, remember that BigBoss repo is one of the essential arrangements for jailbroken devices. If you are new to the jailbreak world, then you must miss not miss this at all? It is because BigBoss contains many essential things for you to add easily that will make you easier as a jailbreaker.

How to add?

First of all, make sure that your current status is jailbroken

Go to the Cydia app store and launch it

Check the bottom line of the device and select “More Package Sources”

The sources list will open in a new window

So you can search BigBoss repository there

The warning alert will open to remind you that repositories you are going to add should be at your own risk

Select BigBoss from the list and continue

The repository will install there right away

Add BigBoss Repo when it is not on the list?

bigboss repo

Arrange BigBoss when it is not on the list is quite simple.

Open Cydia app store right away and select Sources option there

And then select Edit > Add options respectively

There you have to enter in the URL box

Make sure that the URL is accurate. If it is wrong, the entire arrangement will fail

Finally select “Add Source” option there

Cydia will download and arrange the repo for you


If you are a user of Sileo which popular as the only true alternative to Cydia, you too can install BigBoss repo there following respective steps.

Cydia Free Download -latest news updates


Cydia is the favorite thing for all jailbreak users which simply brings the worth of jailbreaking. In fact, Cydia can only be taken on a jailbroken device as the best third-party installer takes you beyond stock walls. So learn about Cydia Free Download in concern to latest iOS firmware updates. Maybe it is your turn to jailbreak and gets Cydia. So learn what possibilities await.

Cydia free download

About Cydia Download

If you are into jailbreak, Cydia is no longer strange for you. In fact, Cydia is the third-party installer you get on the device once jailbreak is successfully over. You cannot Download Cydia from any other source over the web as real Cydia can only be taken after jailbreak iPhone or iPad. And there’s a lot you can do with original Cydia on the device as it brings thousands of third-party apps, tweaks, games and many other downloads leading through advanced alterations. So simply, it brings many advantages over all the stock restrictions and will make you extremely satisfied with your iOS experience after jailbreak. Jailbreak and Cydia can make you the real admin to the device with all the rights for advanced settings.

Cydia Free Download for iOS 13.3

Without iOS jailbreak, you cannot have real Cydia. So for that you need the right tool support which could take you to the complete jailbreak rights. And luckily, you can now get Cydia Free Download iOS 13.3 latest thanks to the jailbreak tool update checkra1n. The tool wins more attention from the users around being the very first checkm8 bootrom exploit based jailbreak which is unpatchable by Apple through a usual software update. So in that way, checkra1n jailbreak updates over time with support to Apple’s updates on the software. Thanks to checkra1n v9.3.7 latest, you can now jailbreak iOS 13.3 and install Cydia through the checkra1n loader app.

Wrap up

It seems Jay Freeman (Saurik) has more work on Cydia these days as the developer with Cydia updates on latest iOS versions. So with that we now have Cydia iOS 13.3 support with the tool checkra1n. And with more Apple updates ahead we could see more Cydia updates with better work interface together with advanced tweaks and more. So if you are looking to change your experience to something better, you have Cydia waiting with checkra1n and will come with even more tool support.

The story of Cydia for iOS 13.3

We are glad to let you know that brave Checkra1n could reach iOS 13.3 that you are looking to jailbreak. Thanks to Luca Todesco and his team surround the Checkra1n tool, iOS 13 became a jailbroken version within a few days from its publication. So we are going to talk about Cydia for iOS 13.3 in this narration. Because of the used powerful exploit, jailbreak the recommended device line seems not complicated. So this is about one of the most waited updates. Here we go.

ios 13.3 jailbreak

Checkra1n tool for Cydia for iOS 13.3

Checkra1n jailbreak became the tool of the year for it became the breakout of the vast iPhone operating system of the year 2019. In accordance with reliable reports, Checkra1n is the first ever public release of jailbreakers with powerful tricks.

It was Checkm8 as the considerable exploit that used to develop Checkra1n. Thanks to dedicated hackers and researchers, the community reached a perfect tool that even supports to download Cydia as well. Devices that stand with A5 to A11 hardware kit was the highlighted devices list. It was a great point because of the used trick was taken as hardware related security issue and not like a software hole as usual. Therefore, apparently, this trick can be used for a long for the same device list, for Apple cannot that easily cover it.

How to download Cydia for iOS 13.3?

Checkra1n step guide is not complicated. Because it is a Mac OS X only tool, you cannot use a Windows machine at all. Once the app will set up to the device, you can easily download Cydia there. But you should go through the step guide and realize how to jailbreak iOS 13.3 carefully. And then use the button there to collect Cydia package manager.

cydia for ios 13.3

Wrapping up

By the way, those who are with iOS 13 and all those jailbroken versions can enjoy their devices with this interesting utility. But remember that it is only up to iOS 13.3 and not for the rest. Therefore, you have to stay a few further days to realize how hackers will resolve the rest. Anyhow, we are getting ready to welcome iOS 14.0 of the year 2020 in the coming June. So, there are many more to consider this year. We hope jailbreakers will make this an amazing chapter with new jailbreak releases. Stay tuned for further reliable updates. do not miss any single thing for you may going to miss the chance to remain with Cydia.

iOS 13.3 jailbreak and Checkra1n Jailbreak


iOS 13.3 is the latest signing firmware for iOS devices no which is at the same time latest jailbreakable firmware for all. Thanks to the updated tool version by checkra1n, iOS 13.3 jailbreak is now with complete rights. But the tool cehckar1n still appears in beta and confirmed under progress. So this is the latest update note to jailbreak and Cydia with the latest tool checkra1n.

iOS 13.2.3 jailbreak

Checkra1n jailbreak v0.9.7

Although in beta, Checkra1n has been receiving updates regularly bringing some of the essential changes and improvements. So the latest news here is checkra1n v0.9.7 through which some important alterations and fixes are given. And for the most important thing, here checkra1n latest version brings support for iOS 13.3 jailbreak. So the tool now support from iOS 12.3 to upper up to the latest to have checkra1n bootrom-exploit based jailbreak. But remember it still supports through A5-A11 devices as the exploit impacts on that device range but no other. So it only supports through iPhone X jailbreak at the moment leaving all the latest models aside for a little.

Sileo package manager supports Checkra1n

iOS 13.3 jailbreak

It is not a secret that checkra1n supported with Cydia download. But as with the recent update we found Sileo team saying that they are working for an update to make Sileo compatible for checkra1n jailbreak. Taking no longer from the announcement, we are now confirmed Sileo package manager for checkra1n jailbreak. It simply requires to add a custom repository on Cydia after checkra1n jailbreak to install Sileo. But if you like to wait until Sileo is added through checkra1n loader, you may take more time as some say it is not so fine to have Sileo through the repo.

iOS 13.3 Jailbreak with Checkra1n

As to the latest Checkra1n v0.9.7, you now have iOS 13.3 jailbreak rights through checkra1n tool. The tool runs in the same semi-tethered frame with support to Cydia as the package manager. It still comes in Mac-only support frame while the team confirms upcoming compatibility through windows PC and Linux. So if you like to take a look through the latest checkra1n jailbreak tool, you can run it from a secondary device even at beta. But start with a backup and for more safety use a secondary device. At the same time be alert on all the updates as the team checkra1n keeps upgrading the tool making it more competent and improved.


iOS 13.2.3 Jailbreak is possible with Checkra1n!


Checkm8-based Checkra1n is now going a smooth journey serving through iOS 12.3 to upper. And with the latest news updates, checkra1n is now supporting through iOS 13.2.3 jailbreak covering up all A5-A11 devices. So if you are upgraded to Apple’s latest, it is now the time to double cheers with latest jailbreak support. So follow the update note and get the best benefits in jailbreak and Cydia.

iOS 13.2.3 jailbreak

The latest checkra1n jailbreak update

For the most interesting fact we here find checkra1n supported with a number updates. The latest one has reported so sudden as checkra1n v0.9.6. This version brings a long change-log into the public including various essential fixes too. So it is really good to have a better update to beta jailbreak tool for those who like to give a try even before the update comes out of beta. But you are strictly advised to follow the official web page to continue downloading the tool. This is for various security reasons as many other sources include spam.

iOS 13.2.3 Jailbreak

Checkm8 is a bootrom exploit that counted only on Apple hardware. Although it applies restrictions on supported hardware, it comes with a wide iOS firmware compatibility. It seems it brings the full compatibility from iOS 12.3 to all upper. So proving that, checkra1n now confirms iOS 13.2.3 jailbreak support expanding its compatibility from iOS 13.2.2. And with the iOS firmware updates to come, we could expect more support from checkra1n. But it will remain between A5 to A11 as the exploit does not find above iPhone X. So if you are between A5 to A11, you have dug the luck of jailbreak and Cydia this time at the same time upgrading the firmware to the latest.

Checkra1n semi-tethered jailbreak facts

As you know from the beginning, checkra1n jailbreak is semi-tethered. So every time you reboot the device, you will have to rerun the tool through Mac computer to keep the jailbreak benefits remained. Make sure you know this completely before agreeing to the jailbreak process.

Checkra1n is an interesting update in the jailbreak community that grows with time expanding all its support. So let us keep watching how it is going to develop up in future. And very soon, we could expect the tool out of beta being completely official. Until then, keep watching through all the updates.

iOS 13 Jailbreak- More Updates


Checkra1n jailbreak is the latest news in the jailbreak community through which a lot of users found wings to jailbreak and Cydia. While iOS 13 jailbreak is now at work successfully, we see an update with tfp0 POC bringing a new hope to A12 (X) device jailbreak. So if you are interested in, keep on reading.

iOS 13 jailbreak

About new tfp0 POC with a new hope to Jailbreak iOS

Those who are currently not with the privileges to checkra1n Download as you are on a newer device than A11 have some good news here with a new tfp0 POC. This affects iOS 12.4.1 and iOS 12.4.2 and starting the device support from A 12(X) which still lacks in the latest checkra1n jailbreak. And probably this will open up for semi-untethered jailbreak like previous tools “Chimera” and “Unc0ver”. And it still brings no relevance to any of iOS 13 versions. So in that case, it is important to stay on the lowest possible firmware if you want to get benefited of this new tool in the days ahead. But unfortunately downgrading the firmware on supported models is currently denied.

Tfp0 and Checkra1n Jailbreak

There is no any connection between checkra1n and the newly revealed tfp0 POC. While checkra1n is a powerful jailbreak based to the hardware bootrom bug call checkm8, it is unpatchable by Apple. But tfp0 is totally contrasting which has already covered on the latest firmware versions although it confirms the support through some older versions which are not signed at this moment.

tfp0 POC

iOS 13 Jailbreak up in future

Thanks to Checkra1n jailbreak iOS 13 came out sometimes back, A5-A11 devices got chance to jailbreak and install Cydia. The tool still appears in beta and confirms the support from iOS 12.3 to upper versions.  Different from the previously updated tools, it appears to be a semi-tethered jailbreak currently with Mac OSX support only. But in case if you want Windows and Linux compatibility, you can run Ra1nstorm Helper to get the virtual support.

By now checkra1n supports up to iOS 13.2.2. But with time, it will add support to all the upcoming firmware as well including iOS 13.3, the next major update. In fact, the tool is based on a powerful hardware bug checkm8 which is unpatchable by Apple with a usual software update. So it will continue to be an opportunity for more jailbreak developments. But it will maintain the device support between A5 to A11 devices.

iOS 13 Jailbreak with Checkra1n


The first public jailbreak to iOS 13 is Checkra1n which is now in public through its first beta. As being bootrom-based, iOS 13 jailbreak is now possible on a wide range of iPhone and iPad devices confirming Cydia privileges at the end. In fact, Bootrom exploit is vulnerability in Apple hardware where Apple could not patch with an iOS firmware update. So it is a big time for all jailbreak fans to rock and roll with all new jailbreak updates.

iOS 13 jailbreak

How to prepare for Checkra1n jailbreak iOS 13?

As it announced, checkra1n is the first public jailbreak update supporting iOS 13. But with said beta, you are not very much encouraged to give a try if you are totally new to jailbreaking. But if you really want to give a try, this is how you should take all the preparation to run the process smoothly.

  • Checkra1n is a Mac-only at this stage, so prepare the computer
  • The tool supports Cydia as the result of successful processing
  • Checkra1n jailbreak is semi-tethered jailbreak tool
  • The tool is supporting through A5-A11 64-bit devices which is as iPhone 5s to iPhone X jailbreak. But here the tool is restricted to iPad Air 2, iPad Pro and 5th Generation iPad models
  • Checkra1n supports from iOS 12.3 to upper. So make sure you are compatible

How to run iOS 13 jailbreak with Checkra1n?

Although you are warned with said checkra1n is beta, it takes nothing complicated in the process. So follow the steps orderly and get Cydia Download iOS 13 with Checkra1n jailbreak Download.

  • Step 1: Use MFi-certified lightning cable and connect the device to Mac
  • Step 2: Follow the official page and Download Checkra1n jailbreak
  • Step 3: When you are done with downloading, double click and launch .dmg file. Now drag checkra1n app into Mac’s application folder
  • Step 4: As the step next open Mac’s application folder
  • Step 5: Right click checkra1n app and continue with “show package contents”
  • Step 6: Continue with Checkra1n > Contents > Mac OS and then double click on checkra1n-gui file
  • Step 7: When the app is launched, you can easily check whether your device is successfully connected or not
  • Step 8: If yes, continue to “Start”
  • Step 9: As the app recommend enter DFU mode following the screen guidelines (continue with “Next” and follow on-screen guidelines)
  • Step 10: When done, it will start iOS 13 jailbreak and will notify the progress

This is all you have to do with the jailbreak app. And then to install Cydia, go to Checkra1n loader app on the Home screen.